Choosing a Windshield

All Fast Aire Windshields are measured as follows

From the Top of the Fairing edge, right above the center screw to the Top of Windshield, in the center. The material that is below the Fairing and not seen, is not included in this measurement.

What Size?
What size should you buy? This is important because "One Size Does Not Fit All". Many things can affect what windshield size is best for the rider .. Rider height, seating position, low seat, riding two up, etc.

It's ok to look through the shield or to look over it. For most riders, the top of the windshield should be between the tip of your nose & the bridge of the nose. Because of multiple factors involved, there is no specific standard on where a windshield should come to. Each rider is different in their desires & needs of windshield height. If in doubt, choose the next size shorter.

But, you must decide for yourself what is the right size for you. It's YOUR choice

A Few Suggestions:
If you have the stock tall clear shield:

Get a "Dry Erase Marker" not a permanent marker, measure from the top of the windshield downward and put a mark every inch below the top of the shield. Go for a short ride. Let your eyes tell you want you need.

Place a small piece of masking tape inside the windshield near the center. Go for a ride and while riding, adjust the tape up or down to where you want the top of the windshield. When you get home, get a ruler and measure the distance from the top Fairing edge to the tape.

If inside a garage, most are about 22 ft long. Place your front wheel at the opening. Mark the far wall 5 ft above the floor and use that mark as a sighting point. That number will be close to where your new windshield should be. Remember the number on the ruler and purchase the size that fits.

If you have a short StreetGlide type windshield.

Get a 12 inch ruler & tape it to the windshield with the numbers facing the rider. Go for a slow ride around the block & let your eyes tell you what you need. Or, sit in the garage, bounce on the bike to settle the seat & go from there.

Airflow from the Fairing and Windshield:
Rule #1 ... It is a motorcycle.

There is a lot of air that flows under the Fairing then upward towards the tank. Some of the air from under the Fairing will flow upwards and hit the rider in the chest or sneak up under your glasses.

The majority of the upper airflow from a HD Fairing is controlled by the Fairing shape...the windshield just continues the wind upward. The shorter the windshield, the more air will "spill over" the top and hit the rider. The taller the windshield, the less amount of wind will hit the rider.

If you want as little airflow as possible, then pick the tallest windshield you can live with.

If you want NO wind at all and prefer an airless environment... buy a full faced helmet and a GoldWing with a BIG shield !

It's ok to laugh!

Windshield Installation & Care Instructions

Aero & Basic Windshield Installation & Care: Your Windshield Comes With Detailed Instructions

Removing the old windshield
Step 1 - The Motorcycle should be on level ground and resting securely on the kickstand or side stand/support.
Step 2 - Looking from the Motorcycle Front, locate the three (3) screws holding the Windshield in the Fairing
Step 3 - With the proper driver, remove these three (3) screws.
Step 4 - From the Fairing Front, grasp the current Windshield on both outside edges, wiggle it and gently pull upward.

Installing the Fast Aire Aero Windshield
Follow the Removal Instructions above.
Once the old windshield is removed, follow the instructions below. The Aero windshield is pre-curved to fit into the Fairing.

Step 1 - Hold the Aero by both edges and gently push the windshield into the fairing opening.
Step 2 - Align the Aero to fit the internal screw inserts.There should be no cutouts visible above the Fairing.
Step 3 - Check the alignment of the outside windshield edges to the Fairing. It's common to have a minor misalignment here.
Step 4 - If all looks good reinstall the three (3) windshield screws.
Step 5 -- Now, visually check the new windshield alignment & tighten the center screw first, then the outside screws. Refer to your Service Manual for applicable screw torque requirements.

Installing the Fast Aire Basic Windshield
Follow the Removal Instructions above.
Once the old windshield is removed, follow the instructions below. The Aero windshield is pre-curved to fit into the Fairing.

Note: The windshield will install easier if it is pre-warmed to room temperature ( 70+ degrees F )
Step 1 - Peeling from the edge; remove the protective covering from the both sides of the new windshield and inspect it now.
Step 2 - Holding the new windshield by both edges and gently bend the windshield to fit the contour of the fairing opening.
Step 3 - Gently push the windshield into the fairing opening until it stops. There should be no cutouts visible above the Fairing.
Step 4 - Check the alignment of the outside windshield edges to the Fairing. It's common to have a minor misalignment here.
Step 5 - If all looks good reinstall the three (3) windshield screws.
Step 6 - Now, visually check the new windshield alignment & tighten the center screw first, then the outside screws. Refer to your Service Manual for applicable screw torque requirements.

The new windshield should fit between the Inner & Outer fairing with no large gaps between them. If you see a large gap that means the windshield is not correctly positioned. Loosen the three (3) windshield screws & realign the windshield.

Taking Care of the Windshield
The Fast Aire Windshields are made from a high quality plastic material. They are scratch resistant and impact resistant...but it is not scratch proof or unbreakable. It is a plastic material so it can be scratched, damaged and/or broken.

Never wipe off the windshield surface with a your hand, dry rag or paper towel, this will scratch it.

Different companies like HD, Plexus, Novis, 3M, Honda, Mothers and others make a quality plastic cleaner / polish. Pick the one you like the most. As long as it says "for plastic cleaning & polishing" you should be ok. But, use at your own risk.

Always use a clean cloth to clean any plastic product. Dirty rags are like sandpaper.

Do not use: Products with ammonia, 409, Comet, Soft Scrub, Rain-X, gasoline, tar remover, paint thinner, grease remover or any of the other household cleaners/solvents that you might find to clean a plastic windshield. Some of this stuff contains acid and will discolor and/or damage your new windshield.

Rain-X: Do not use Rain-X on plastic. Rain-X has petroleum solvents in it that can degrade the plastic & is design for glass, not plastic. Do not use Rain-X on a Fast Aire Windshield.

The windshield is made of plastic...Due to road debris and riding miles, grime will collect on the windshield and eventually the windshield will get scratched..."it's gonna happen". We recommend that when this happens, you clean the shield with soap and water then use a quality plastic polish to clean the windshield. A dark tinted windshield will show scratches easier than a clear or light colored windshield.

The Aero windshield has a hard glass like hard costing over the polycarbonate. If the Aero is scratched through thisd hard coating, do not try to buff it out. You will do more harm than good. Clean the area good & apply a small amount of clear nail polish to seal the scratch.

We have discovered that Mothers Gold Auto Wax for Clear Coat Paint, does a fine job at polishing the windshield and hiding the fine scratches. Other brands of high quality auto wax may work as well. Use at your own risk.

In a pinch, household spray wax like Lemon Pledge works good at cleaning & covering up scratches

1 oz of a liquid dish soap in a 16 oz spray bottle works well for road grim & bug goodies

A clean 100% white cotton shirt or diaper works better than synthetic cloths because they do not leave static behind. Micro-fiber cloths work very well but can leave a static charge behind.

Purchase & Payment Options

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Warranty, Refund & Exchange

Fast Aire maintains the right to have the Final Say in all Warranty, Refund & Exchanges. 

Fast Aire Motorcycle Products warrants that all products are free of manufacturing defects upon delivery to you

Fast Aire Aero Windshield:
Warranty: Limited 6 month Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects including the Hard Coating.

Exchange: You have 14 days from the purchase date to do an exchange or refund. You are allowed "one" exchange to a different Aero windshield. The Aero must be returned in the original packaging and shall be in excellent condition. If you return an Aero for a exchange and the windshield is scratched up from windshield bags, damaged, covered in road grime/bugs from use or it has been modified in any way, there may be up to a 50% fee or your exchange may be denied. No Exchange if you purchased a Dark or Medium Gray Windshield & it's too dark for you. 

Refunds: No refunds on any installed Aero windshield. Once the windshield is installed it will leave a witness mark & is now considered a used part. You MUST contact Fast Aire for a RMA Number for any refunds or exchanges.

Fast Aire Basic Windshields:
Warranty: The Basic windshields have a 60 day warranty for manufacturing defects.

Exchange: An exchange may be granted if the Basic Windshield is returned with the protective paper still applied to the windshield. If the protective paper has been removed, no exchange will be granted.Contact us before returning a Basic Windshield.

Refund: Refunds will only be granted for windshields returned with the protective paper still applied.

Chrome & Powder Coated Products:
Warranty: The Windshield Trims have a 30 day warranty for the Chrome or Black coating only

Exchange: An exchange may be granted if the Windshield Trims have not been installed.

Refund: A refund may be granted if the Windshield Trims have not been installed.

To File A Warranty Claim:
Contact Fast Aire first & lets discuss it. Items returned without a authorization from Fast Aire may be sent back.

1- Take a clear & close-up digital picture of the problem area you're filing a claim for.
2- Email the picture along with your name, address & a description of the claim to: info@FastAire.com. Any additional information would be appreciated.
Fast Aire will review all warranty claims in a timely manner. Please allow a few days for the claim to be processed & someone will get back to you.
If needed, you are always welcomed to call Fast Aire & discuss all warranty claims. You will still be asked to submit a picture of the windshield subject to claim.


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Dark Gray Tints:
A Dark Gray tinted windshield ( Aero or Basic Model) is prohibited for nighttime use. If you choose a Dark Gray tinted windshield and use it at night, you are accepting all responsibility and liability in doing so and release TreyCo Concepts LLC and Fast Aire Motorcycle products from all liability with your choice to do so. No Exchange if you purchased a Medium Gray or Dark Gray Windshield & it is too dark for you.

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