Aero Windshield

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Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley

Fairing Fitment: 
- The 1996-2013 HD Batwing Fairing for the Standard, Classic, Ultra, Limited, StreetGlide & TriGlide all use the Same Fairing & Windshield
- The 2014-2020 HD Batwing Fairing for the Classic, Ultra, Limited, StreetGlide, Special & TriGlide all use the Same Fairing & Windshield

Aftermarket Fairings:
There are so many three hole Batwing Fairings now available, we cannot guarantee their fitment. Please contact the manufacturer of your Fairing and ask if the Fairing uses a Harley 1996-2013 three hole windshield. If they say Yes, you can select: Years 1996-2013 , Any Model then Size & Tint. Fast Aire will not guarantee fitment into any aftermarket Fairing except Woody's & late model Reckless.

The Aero Windshield:

Design Elements:
This is a re-curve, spoiler or flip designed windshield.

Just like the rear spoiler on a car, the recurved section redirects the normal path of the air flowing over the top and kicks it up at a higher angle.

The recurve diverts the air flow about 1 1/2 to 2 inches higher than a equal non recurved windshield at the same speed. The faster you ride, the better it works.

The windshield profile & edge is CNC milled with a custom cutter that leaves a mild radius for a smooth finish.

Material Info:
The Aero is made from Ballastic Grade Polycarbonate. The same basic material used in bullet proof windows & required by NASCAR & NHRA. Polycarbonate is the best material for impact resistance & long term clarity.

It is Polycarbonate, it is not "Lexan" material. Lexan is a trade name for what used to be GE Polymers but is now owned by SABIC Innovative Plastics ... who is ... Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, a Saudi Arabian Company. I prefer to support and buy from US companies.

Thickness: .135 +/- thick Polycarbonate, that's .010 thicker than stock HD shields.

UV Protection: The material has UV protection built in to protect it from the sun.

Impact Reststance: This polycarbonate is 15 X more impact resistant than standard acrylic of the same thickness.

Hard Coating: The Aero has a thermo bonded hard coating that is chemical & scratch resistant. It is 3X harder than acrylic, very slick to aid as a water repellant and is crystal looking thru glass.

Sizing & Tints
Measurement for all sizes: It is the installed height, measured from the top of the Fairing edge to the top center of the shield including the recurve.

Color Tint: Is in the material. It is not an applied tint or coating.

Light Gray - 16% Gray Tint - Tinted enough to look good but easy to see thru at night.

Medium Gray - 32% Gray Tint - In between the Light & Dark Gray tints. A good tint with a little more custom look.

*Dark Gray - 66% Gray Tint - A dark tint like a pair of Sunglasses. Easy to see through in the daylight, might be too dark for some riders at night. If you buy a Dark Gray Aero, you accept the potential risks of using a dark shield at night.

There are no immediate plans to make a clear or solid black windshield.

Warranty: 100% Guaranteed to fit correctly in all 1996-2015 Harley Davidson's Batwing Fairings

6 month Warranty Against: Manufacturing Defects including the Hard Coating.

Other Windshields:
If you are considering a different windshield company, ask them the following:

Material: What is it ? If it's not polycarbonate, ... do you really want it?

Warranty: If it's not a 6 month warranty like the Aero has, then why buy it?

Quality: There are many shields available, some good and some bad. For some, they cut corners for profit & the shield could be from lesser quality materials.

The Aero - Where else can you buy a polycarbonate re-curved windshield with a 6 month warranty for under $100.00. ? It's Simple... No Where ! When you combine all of the Aeros specifications together... it's in an "Elite Class" all by itself.

After Market Fairings:
The Aero windshield is designed to fit the Harley "Batwing" Fairing from 1996-2013. I guarantee fitment for the HD, Woody's & Reckless Fairings but will not guarantee any others. Please check with your fairing manufacturer before buying an Aero windshield.

Windshield Bags / Pouches:
Most 3 bag windshield systems will fit behind a 8 inch & up Aero windshield with no problems. The later version HD & T-Bag units with the contoured outside bags will fit a 7 inch & up Aero with no issues. If you are mounting the bags behind a 6 inch Aero, the edges of the bags may stick out a little at the top corners.

Refund & Exchange Policy:
As a motorcycle rider, you should be able to determine if its the correct windshield within a few hours of riding. You have 14 days from the purchase date to do an exchange or refund.

You are allowed "one" exchange to a different Aero windshield.

The Aero must be returned in the original packaging and shall be in excellent condition.

No refunds on any installed Aero windshield. Once the windshield is installed it will leave a witness mark & is now considered a used part. Exchanges are allowed.

Restocking Fee:
- Normally, there is no restocking fee for exchanging an Aero windshield.
- But if you return an Aero for an exchange and the windshield is scratched up, damaged, covered in road grime/bugs from useage or it has been modified in any way, there may be up to a 50% fee or your exchange/refund can be denied.

Contact us for a RMA number before you sent it back:
Phone: 775-762-9925


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