Windshield Trim

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Chrome Trim Chrome Trim Chrome Trim Chrome Trim Chrome Trim Chrome Trim

Chrome Windshield Trim
Black Powder Coated Windshield Trim

1996 - 2013 Models & 2014 - 2019 Models
The 96-13 model & the 14-18 model Windshield Trims have different mounting hole locations & are not interchangeable between the years.


  • Made from 11 ga mild steel - it's .117-120 thick with Plating
  • CNC laser cut & Roll formed to the correct profile to fit your fairing
  • Made by an ISO-9000 Quality Certified Company
  • Three layer Chrome finished and then hand polished
  • Black power coating is "Harley Black"
  • Factory sealed in a plastic sleeve to protect the finish
  • Comes with the correct 3 Chrome Buttonhead Allen Screws with Washers
  • There are no correct Black Screws for this application, so we send Chrome.
  • Comes with Installation Instructions
  • Shipped in it's own heavy duty box to protect it during shipping
  • Other after market units sell for over $85.00 + S&H
  • Does not fit the earlier models with 5 attachment screws
  • So...why pay extra ?



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